Loan Policy

Terms and Conditions

  • Loan repayment will be on installment basis in months along with interest rate.
  • Loan may be provided to any individual working in India (State/Central government).
  • If the final and complete re-payment of the loan is made before the stipulate period then applicant can/may get relaxation on interest.
  • File expenses and charges regard to property verification,registration, Mortgage deed, , agent commission , guarantor verification etc will be beared by applicant
  • If EMI will be deposited late then 2% per day charges will be applicable on EMI amount Finance one amount.
  • After completion of all the formalities as per company's required terms by the applicant, the loan will be provided within one and a half week through Cheque or Online.
  • All documents should be complete within 15 days from the date of issuing of acceptance letter otherwise
  • the loan file might be cancelled.
  • Amount of loan allowed is upto 70% of the recent market value of the property provided in mortgage.